Our GALLERY is our top bookmarked page on our website(s). It is also the only photo gallery available any where that includes every season all year long at Eagle Lake Ca. Since we live in Spalding at the northwest shore of Eagle Lake’s middle basin, we have the opportunity to be here to take photographs and share our adventures so our viewers can keep up with our wonderful Eagle Lake. Many of our visitors are not able to come up between January 1 and opening weekend but they still wish they could. Our aim is to bring you here any day of the week and any time of the year. Consider us your “Virtual Eagle Lake”. Our photos and pages are copyright protected & fully registered with the Library of Congress. We are not affiliated with any agency and we are not a tourism website. We have no financial gain in what we do.

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  • 2017 All Eagle Lake All The Time

2017 photos of and around Eagle Lake, CA Spalding, Stones Landing, Bucks Bay and Eagle Lake Recreation Area. Every year we begin a new album so folks can see whats going on during the off season. We slow down on photos during the fishing season so y'all gotta come up and see it for yourself!! We try to keep up with photos weekly but we also have a lot of things going on that keep us busier than we want to be. But we will do our best to keep photos going up weekly. The lake has come up a little over 5 1/2 ft from low water last year. But, we aren't out of the woods yet when it comes to the lake level. We have 2 out of 5 ramps usable.