Our GALLERY is our top bookmarked page on our website(s). It is also the only photo gallery available any where that includes every season all year long at Eagle Lake Ca. Since we live in Spalding at the northwest shore of Eagle Lake’s middle basin, we have the opportunity to be here to take photographs and share our adventures so our viewers can keep up with our wonderful Eagle Lake. Many of our visitors are not able to come up between January 1 and opening weekend but they still wish they could. Our aim is to bring you here any day of the week and any time of the year. Consider us your “Virtual Eagle Lake”. Our photos and pages are copyright protected & fully registered with the Library of Congress. We are not affiliated with any agency and we are not a tourism website. We have no financial gain in what we do.

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  • 2009 Fish Rescues

This album contains photos of CDFG and volunteers rescuing Eagle Lake trout. Papoose Creek began flowing on 2-24-09 and it didn’t take long before 27 trout entered the creek. We had been in constant communication with CDFG Biologist Paul Divine who made several trips up checking as rains were rapidly melting the local snow. Paul got the weir installed within 3 days but it wasn’t before a few trout had taken advantage of the fresh flowing water. The first rescue of 2009 was on 2-27. Pine Creek began flowing into the Lake on Mar 2 and cold temperatures kept her flowing low. It is very typical for these tributaries to begin flowing in late February but generally we see more cold temperatures that slow up or cease creek flows at least once before they flow continuously until the end. Trout (and other species) get trapped in pools where they are not only easy prey but deplete the oxygen and suffocate. Thanks to your donations, PELT has purchased enough Alaskan weirs to protect ALL the tributaries at maximum flow. Trout rescues in the creeks have gone on as long as there have been people here. Many local residents take time to do what they can to prevent the trout getting stranded. But, the most successful fish rescues are the ones you can prevent altogether. HIGHER FLOWS HAVE BEGUN AND WE CURRENTLY HAVE QUITE A FEW FISH IN PINE CREEK. Another rescue on Papoose Creek on 3-16-09 saved an additional 30 trout that had taken advantage of a compromised weir several days before. All has since been repaired and trout moved back to the lake. Merrill Creek began flowing on 3-19 and CDFG biologist Paul Divine and CDFG volunteer Griz Griswold installed the weir within hours of the creek flowing. No fish entered the system. Fast action prevented any rescue at all...that was the best rescue so far this season...none at all! NOTE: I have had a run on digital cameras and have had to resort to a small 3 mp camera that is only two years old. It is putting a 1-1-1970 date on the photos and I have not got a clue how to get rid of it (however I am trying). It is not a normal camera with settings (which normally need to be reset after changing batteries). I should have my Nikon 8MP back in a week or so.