Our GALLERY is our top bookmarked page on our website(s). It is also the only photo gallery available any where that includes every season all year long at Eagle Lake Ca. Since we live in Spalding at the northwest shore of Eagle Lake’s middle basin, we have the opportunity to be here to take photographs and share our adventures so our viewers can keep up with our wonderful Eagle Lake. Many of our visitors are not able to come up between January 1 and opening weekend but they still wish they could. Our aim is to bring you here any day of the week and any time of the year. Consider us your “Virtual Eagle Lake”. Our photos and pages are copyright protected & fully registered with the Library of Congress. We are not affiliated with any agency and we are not a tourism website. We have no financial gain in what we do.

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  • 1993 Pine Creek Drift

This album consists of photos taken March 30, 1993 by Jean Green who with Joe Green ran the Lakeview Inn in 1993. After our hardest winter when the snow fell 4ft at a time. We literally dug tunnels to our vehicles and nearly every metal shed collapsed under the weight of the snow. That was our second winter living in Spalding full time. Fortunately all us winter folk helped each other out and it was the only year that we had to have snow chains on all four tires for over 30 days just to get from point A to point B. Once spring rolled around Pine Creek simply gushed with flows we have never seen since. For something to do Randy & Val Aubrey, Jim Milau and the late great Rev Jerry Bush decided it would be fun to see if we could drift down Pine Creek from County Rd A1 bridge to the fish trap in Spalding...if we past the trap, we were probably not going to make it out alive. That year we could touch the bottom of the bridge from our drift boat with the oar when we shot under it. Our last resort before going over the dam/weir was trying to make it to the eddy on the south side of the creek, if we over shot the last resort was grabbing the limbs of the big tree just a bit upstream from the trap. We did make it out alive and I did have a few spinters from grabbing the branches but we eventually got into the eddy and to shore. Spalding people lined the banks of the creek which were only around 3 miles of rapids...the water was flowing so fast that there wasn't much slack water. We were either having a survival party at the Lakeview Inn or a Wake...no matter which way it went, Spalding was having a party! Note: Jim & Jerry were in a 14 ft Valco in which they fought hard to keep from going down backwards....