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Just getting going for the season, more stuff will come in time!! 

South Basin 5-20-17:  Surface temps started out at 55.4F out from the Marina and held steady up towards Eagles Nest until about 9:30AM when it began to rise.  By noon it was holding solidly at 59F out from the marina in 45ft of water.   The west side south of Shrimp Island was solidly holding at 57F around 10AM.  The springs out from Lake of the Woods dropped to 53F, just about the water temp of my home faucet.  The springs appear to be pumping fairly well out there.  I did see some surface algae mixed with weeds in some areas.  Mostly off Gallatin Beach and Pikes Pt but all in all, the lake looked pretty good.  Clarity off The Springs and east side looking down into the water was solidly at 12ft, the best I have seen in years.  The west side off Lake of the Woods was much cloudier with clear visibility to the bottom at around 6ft.  I could barely determine bottom at 8ft and at 12ft I couldn't see bottom at all.  
5-21-17: The water off Christie and the shoreline up to Long Pt north of Wildcat Pt was beautiful.  Visibility to 8 to 9ft, surface temp started out at 59F; rose to 60.8 by noon.  With a warm week ahead, I expect to see surface temps rise just a bit before opening weekend.  Surface temps holding below 65F are more critical to shorefishermen and fly fishing right now.  Once temps rose, fish moved out to water over 7 to 8 ft deep.  Should be fine for trollers or those accessing the water by boats, kayaks, pontoons or tube where you can access slightly deeper water.  It will extend your fishing windows, no doubt about that.
Spalding:  5-23-17  Water temps started out at 64.4F out from the ramp.   By noon had reached 66.6F on the surface and rising. I did see several areas at 62.2F early in the morning so we are still holding low 60's early.  However, we do have three more days of heat before the opener.  Worst case scenario is still just finding 8-10 ft of water early, and 15 to 30ft later by the channel at the Youth Camp and around towards the South Side of Pelican Pt. Depth between Spalding ramp and Rocky Pt registered 4.3 to 5.2ft deep, surface temps rose quicking in the shallower water.  The further south you go, the deeper it gradually gets.  7 to 8ft deep out from the old Lakeview Inn and beyond the tip of Rocky Pt as along as you are closer to Rocky Pt than the airstrip side.   Was a bit weedy on the surface on 5-23 and by 11AM I was seeing a lot more surface algae between Spalding and Rocky Pt.  But there were clearer channels further out.  More surface weeds the further north one would go.  The channel to the Youth Camp and the far north side of Pelican Pt averaged between 8 and 9ft deep (before it shallowed up on the north side of Peli.  Then reaching 19ft deep just north of the channel between the Youth Camp and Pelican Pt where it was around 13-14ft deep in fall 2016.  There are still some exposed rock piles north of Pelican Pt off Broccoli Tree and the ones that are submerged still have great potential to ding up a lower unit or prop of a big boat.  But out in the bay, it was 7 to 9ft deep. 
For those hoping to install docks in Spalding:  I was over 100 yards out from shore and still in the weeds, depth was 3.2ft deep.  See photos in 2017 All Eagle Lake Album.  I believe there are regulations as to how far out a dock can be, at least there were dock length limitations when I had a private dock after the marina was built.  So check on that.  It's a long way out to having deep enough water through fall, and that's iffy. 
Yearly, during the fishing season we will lose over 2ft of water by late Oct. 
I don't see the needed water to make Stones Landing ramp usable for big boats, perhaps temporarily for a small boat or car topper, but expect to push out past the old wave terrace and weeds. Spalding north ramp may work for kayaks but, I advise kayakers to go south as it will be a long paddle to where the fish are from Spalding come opening day.  the gravel bar near the north end of the airstrip is doable.  Kind of soft at the south end of the airstrip and the fence line is well out in the water and can easily tear up an inflatable or flip a yak if you aren't watching.
The south ramp in Spalding has enough water, it is also loaded with weeds, tules and algae clinging to the tules....all through the channel and end about 100ft beyond the last pipes marking the channel.  My 115 drafts 31" from my water line, so I don't plan on having to clean weeds off my prop of either my big motor or my kicker, unplug my water pump intakes or take the chance on the repairs or down time.  People see I have a Jet Craft but note that it is an ocean going Deep V Jet Craft not a jet boat, it takes 4 to 5 ft waves.  It drafts 14" of water at the transom and with the motor down, 31".  I need over 4ft of water to hit the trottle in and at that I am kicking up a lot of silt.  My kicker motor still needs over 28" so its a waste of time and money for me to consider launching in Spalding through the season.  But, you all can launch and deal with it, there's enough water for most boats, just watch out for the weeds, they can blow your lower unit seals if you don't clean them off the prop/shaft and the gritty little critters on and in the weeds can eat up an empellor pretty quickly.  I still plan on launching down south for many reasons.
Pine Creek still has a little flow, but the lake hasn't appeared to budge  too much on elevation in the last month.  Let's just hope we can hold on to what we have for a while longer before evaporation kicks in to gear. 
CHRISTIE DAY USE AREA HANDICAP RAMP TOWARDS THE LAKE IS IN SUCH DISREPAIR THAT IT CAN HANDICAP YOU IF YOU AREN'T ALREADY IMPAIRED.  THERE ARE A LOT OF TRIP HAZARDS.  IT ENDS A VERY GOOD DISTANCE FROM ANY ACCESS TO THE WATER.  Walk on the vegetation.  There are several trails.  A statement from LNF has been long requested and short on delivery. This is a very dangerous "trail" to the lake.  I have been hounding USFS to get the access repaired.  I was told this week that LNF is still waiting for the State Lands Commission for input and approval to repair the existing handicap access. 
5-20-17:  As per Doc Bateson the lake elevation measured 5096.7ft 
4-30-17  As per Doc Bateson's measurment " 5096.375' which is 5.515' higher than on December 3rd 2016. It has risen 1.427' Just since March 18th.
4-18-17 Unofficial measurement at the Spalding ramp was 5096.54ft.  Winds were blowing lightly so the elevation could be slightly off.  Creeks are slowing down some now so we are probably going to see a slow down of rising.  Any storm passing through can have flow pick up. 
4-3-17 Lassen County Official Measurement: "We made our monthly visit to Eagle Lake this morning and found that the lake has come up 1.38 feet over the past month.  The elevation at the Gallatin Ramp is currently 5095.78 feet above sea level and the lake has come up 4.99 feet since November 1st of last year.  It is also 3.22 feet higher than this same time one year ago. 
3-29-17:  5095.64' Measured from the elevation tags at Spalding ramp.  A gain of about 2inches in 4 days. Flows in Pine Creek subsiding a little this week from last week, so we expect to see a little slower rise unless a storm passes through.
3-25-17: 5095.45ft (unofficial) Measured between the elevation plate screws at the ramp in Spalding. A gain of around 6" from the increased flow of Pine Creek and just over an inch of rain on 3-21.
3-19-17: 5094.948 as per Doc Bateson.  Up a couple inches in the last few days.  We have about 5/8' to resach 5095ft.  Up a little over 4ft from our lowest water level last year and about 2 1/5ft above last years highest level.  So we are doing ok, but could sure use a lot more.
3-16-17: 5094.8' up around 3 1/2 inches according to the markers at the Spalding ramp.
3-8-175094.5ft according to the markers set by Doc Bateson at the Spalding ramp.  Up around a foot in the last month.
2-12-17 5093.4ft
2-11-17: 5093.38FT As per Doc Bateson.  2.52ft higher than Dec 3, 2016 (which had held due to Oct/Nov rains). 18.29" of moisture since July 1 here at the house in Spalding.  So the springs were still pumping good over winter too.
12-3-16:  5090.86ft As per Doc Bateson.  Still a few inches above last year, but still below the record.
10-20-16: 5090.866'  (after 3.03" of rain)  Without the recent rain, the lake would have been where it was last year.  So we didn't keep the 6" of water we had ovre last year.  Only the rains brought it up.  Bly Tunnel from the valve remains dry.
7-3-16: 5092.23; almost 6" lower than 5-30, but around 6" higher than last year at the same time.  As per Doc Bateson.
5-30-16 5092.72: as per Doc Bateson, up 1/4 inch since 5-1.
5-1-16 5092.7FT  Officially as per Doc Bateson, the lake is only 5.76 inches above last year's elevation, May 2, 2015.  Expect similar conditions to last season.  We still have 27 days to go.  Hopefully we see more showers and hold on to that 5+ bonus inches to help get us through the season launching!
3-19-16 5092.43FT.  UP 1.835FT SINCE 11-22-15.  2.52 INCHES HIGHER THAN MAY 2 2015.  As per Doc Bateson's report
2015 Eagle Lake Elevation

10-18-15: 5090.61 and holding
9-30-15 5090.6 ft
8-30-15:  5090.97ft 
8-16-15: 5091.2ft as per Doc Bateson’s measurements.  We lost 2 1/2 inches in 2 weeks and are only 2.4 inches away from our lowest recorded level in 1935.
8-1-15:5091.4ft as per Doc Bateson's measurements.  We had 2.41 inches of rain in my backyard in July  (2.68" at Spalding's sewer ponds 2 miles NW) and the south end had more than we did up north but it helped counter evaporation.
7-4-15:  5091.70ft as per doc Bateson.
6-20-15: 5091.83ft;  now just 9.96 inches from our lowest recorded level in 1935.  (lost approx 4" in the last 20 days.

6-1-15: 5092.16ft now just over a foot from lowest recorded level in 1935
5-2-15: 5092.22ft as per Doc Bateson.  About 1 ft 3 inches above lowest recordered level in 1935.
2014 Eagle Lake Elevation: 
9-15-14 5092.035ft.  As per doc Bateson, our local doctor and scientist we are now about 1 ft above the lowest recorded lake elevation of 5091 in 1935.  Note: "recorded level". 
9-5-14 5092.15
2013 Eagle Lake Elevation: 
September 2, 2013 5093.9ft; 18.5  inches lower than April 28.
July 28, 2013 5094.44 ft, about 5094 ft 5 inches.
July 7, 2013 appears to be about 2-3 inches below 5095ft.... or 5094ft 9-10 inches or so.  Unofficial.  Going by the end of the cement at Spalding ramp being out of the water & taking chances that the end of the cement is at 5095ft elevation.
June 1, 2013 was around 5095ft 1 inch.  About 6" of cement in the water at Spalding ramp. 
4-28-13 5095.44ft
4-11-13 5095.5 ft (unofficial by the markers at Spalding ramp)....I guess my estimate was only 3/4 of an inch off.  Not bad for a girl ehe? 
2012 Eagle Lake Elevation:   
4-2-12:  5096.42 ft or 5096 ft 5 inches. 
Ending Nov 2012 5093.70