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  The sand shifts daily so one day can be better than the next. Oh, there is a pretty deep hole to launch in once you get down there, then the very narrow channel to the end of the dock.  Beating the hell out of my trailer launching several times a week.  I am closer than ever to getting my truck tires off the end of the cement....and THAT is going to cause more problems with normal vehicles.  Plan on 4X4 if you do.  If you don't have 4X4 and have rear tires off the cement....you're stuck & no one else will be able to launch without someone towing you out.  It's also a good way to tear up your 4X4, & one guy already burned his clutch out (a couple weeks ago). 
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Gallatin Road to the Marina has caused more damage to boats & trailers than anything else up here.  Slow down in the straightaway from the last left bend in the road Gallatin after Eagle Campground and to the intersection to Camp Ronald McD.  There are bumps in the road you can't see & if you hit them at the 35mph speed limit, things are going to happen & they won't be good!! These are on both sides of the road.  I am now basically going 15mph over them & still have trailer damage from that and the previously unsealed cracks in the road from Spalding.  Friends have lost trailers of hitches and motors off transoms.  Keep your boat secured to the trailer when towing to and from camp....not doing so could result in the boat being thrown off the trailer.
10-12-15:  Easy does it.  Shifting sands, about 1 1/2 to 2 ft of cement in the water.  It's not pretty but do-able but changes occur daily.  The sandbar is 7-8ft from the dock.  Plenty of drag marks across it.    It is now basically the sand bar that blew back into the dock and cement from north and northeast winds several days ago. I got through the weekend, & could probably survive a few more days....maybe a week...but have too much money invested in my boat and truck to willingly cause damage that I can prevent by not launching at all.  Mind you, I have a 19ft deep V & it doesn't like being crooked on the trailer even though it launches shallow.....getting in the water isn't the hard part, getting a boat back on the trailer properly is.  I don't really care to keep a boat mechanic rolling in the money when I can simply stop launching my boat.    So far, we have survived till this time.  YOU ONLY HAVE ONE SHOT AT LANDING IN HEAVY WEST AND SOUTHWEST WINDS....GOD FORBID WHEN THE NORTH WIND BLOWS.  I recommend a dock hook if you get stuck out in the winds.  Canopies become sails & even though the water might be smoother, the wind is the same.  The west side of the dock is shallower & I can get in with my motor up high enough to still pump water and steer, but only in a "must" situation for my big boat.
The boulders and orange pylons on the east side of the ramp are telling you not to use that side or creep too far past center with your trailer, however I need more water under my outside trailer wheel.   There is no passing lane on the water now, so one at a time.  And don't back out towards the jetty & the round buoy, it shallows up quickly for a prop drive. We have already been told by LNF that there will be NO improvements....now or in the future as their main priority is selling blown down wood that is no longer viable for lumber (took too long) and it's now only good for co-generation.  No firewood is allowed to be cut in the locations deemed a timber sale.  One thing is, when the marina store closes, chances are nothing will be done. 

I don't expect the dock to be pulled since launching is still doable but do note that by LAW docks have to be removed from the lake by December 1.  When the harbor was working, this was protected and the docks were fine through ice out in spring.  If Dec 1 falls on a weekend, it will be the following Monday which was the 3rd last year.  Those launching in the morning & fishing all day long found no dock when they got back.  I explained the law to them after having had a dock for over 20years.
Lassen National Forest has no plans of repairs or maintaining the only launch ramp to serve Eagle Lake at this time.  Although you have all done well at calling in and THAT's getting attention so thank you all.   Minions are doing their best.   I seriously doubt I will be launching much longer and if nothing is done about the drop off the end of the cement, I refuse to intentionally cause damage to my trailer/boat just because that's what USFS wants....after all, that would keep local boat mechanics rolling in dough.  North winds will change everything..  I have waited out in the waves up to 1 1/2 hours for my turn to get into the dock,  so be patient.  I don't recommend trying to pull up on shore next to the ramp...it's shallow & too flat for my boat to even attempt it.  Small boats, maybe. There is not a passing lane at the dock for larger boats now that a channel has been blown out. 
For my 19ft Jet Craft deep V, I lightened my load in my boat with 1/2 tank of fuel (20G instead of 40G)  and I have removed any unneccessary weight such as extra down rigger balls...and anything else I don't really need.  Now it's a matter of a lighter load getting up over the end of the cement without damaging my trailer tires.   The blow out helped greatly but that needs done again and with soft sand below the step off the cement folks will just begin spinning their tires & needing 4wheel drive.    I don't plan on tearing up my 4x4 on dry, high traction grooved pavement.  I am pretty much finished.  Perhaps a birding day next week will be it.
So, I suggest, if you are planning a trip to Eagle Lake, you better insist to Lassen National Forest that they do something about the launching and since current El Nino predictions are now well south of our location, the USFS should not wait until the last minute as usual.  LET LASSEN NATIONAL FOREST KNOW HOW WELL THEY ARE DOING WHEN IT COMES TO LAUNCHING AT EAGLE LAKE.  WE NEED YOU.  530-257-4188.  Then call the headquarters and ask to speak with David Hayes, the supervisor at 530-257-2151 & let them all know what YOU think about it.  I don't think they have really gotten your message yet, but you are getting their attention.  Keep it up folks.  They seam to be somewhat deaf to the fact that the best of our fishing season is yet to come & we are going to need boats to access the fish since they may not come in close until very late in the season as they did last year.  Hopefully, they can take care of this locally but we are prepared to allow the public to inudate Washington DC USDA.
I don't advise getting your vehicle wheels off the end of the cement if you don't have 4X4 to pull you out.  A guy blew his clutch out trying to get his boat trailer over the end of the cement, so get a running start if you have a stick shift.  The boys from Burney towed a guy out when his truck wheels got stuck below the cement.   My vehicle wheels are not even in the water to drop my boat in the water or take it out...yet.  The hole to launch in is fine, it's the shoal was temporarily blown out but it's the same technique that put Spalding out of commission sooner than later.  

DO NOT DRIVE THE BOAT ONTO THE TRAILER, or having ANY motors Iin the down position while launching and don't drop the motor part way down until you are at the end of the dock. 

I don't really see how they can recover their good reputation when they never had one to begin with. Nothing has really even changed in over 50 years, why would we think things would improve?   I just can't believe that they still get paid for doing nothing....by the very taxpayers that they are screwing over.  All I can say is for you to call them.   If I were planning a fall fishing trip up here, A) call the USFS at the numbers provided in red. they need to hear from YOU.  B) concentrate on a Plan B & put more effort into Plan B than counting on Lassen National Forest to do anything to the ramp after Labor Day.  I have my kayak and float tube, I will be fishing all season regardless of launching my boat.  Unfortunately, when I am not able to launch or drift over the shoal, the same will go for boats just like it.  Just sayin'.  Doesn't look like Lassen National Forest gives a hoot in hell about Lassen County
's economy.  If they spent all the energy they are spending on not doing anything and figuring out how to cover up past mistakes or misrepresentations, we would have had a decent low water ramp already.      

We are hoping to get a serious winter & if we don't, we will probably be screwed if something isn't actually in a contingency plan already.  One thing I have learned by living up here for 27 years, through one good El Nino & one predicted that barely grazed us, is that nothing about the weather is normal.  I will believe it if I see it.  Until then it's just propaganda. I am always prepared after the last big on in 92/93.  We met that one with only a couple of snow shovels & 4 chains for the 4x4.  So over the last number of years we have acquired just about every piece of equipment we need to meet another and haven't had to use it.  As much as I want to say we will get lots of water this year, even 5ft won't pull us out of the drought or make Spalding or Stones Landing ramps usable, but it would go far for launching at the current single lane low water ramp.  If anything has killed business up here, the single lane and long wait times on weekends and holidays have kept some folks away.  But it's good to see that we have a good "die hard" population of visitors....and by the way, over the last 5 years, we have picked up less litter along the shorelines so you guys are all doing great in that respect too!! And, as of 9-13-15, our area is now outside the model for El Nino's heavy precipitation course.  So someone needs to stop selling "water is coming" & get prepared for a greater possibility of not getting what we need.  We are not out of danger....& remember, that in our last 30yrs of precipitation included the last drought and the current drought so it's going to have to be 500% of "normal" (30yr average) before we will even see 3ft of water in the lake.

Lassen County should file a class action lawsuit on Lassen National Forest on behalf of all the businesses for not insuring that the ramp will last the season and leading the public on with no definite answers, just the run around.  People begin making their reservations in January because many have to plan their vacation time from work that far in advance.  I wouldn't be counting on getting water without a plan that could be finished & functional a month before opening weekend.   If anything pisses the public off more than lying, it's BS.  We do what we can to get folks to come up and the USFS does everything they can to keep folks away, & for the most part, it isn't about what they found when they get here, it's the BS.  The big money base will be left to fishing elsewhere.  At least we still have water compared to other lakes.  If we were to lose 30ft more (10-12 years worth), we wouldn't have any reason to want to launch.  Until then LNF should take care of the launching and stop making up excuses & waiting for rain.  El Nino coming is not an excuse, until I can touch it and feel it, it's propaganda & just another ploy to not do anything for the public they serve or the communities surrounding the Public Lands.  Of course I want water as much as the next guy, but if it were up to me, there would have already been a plan, funding secured & a negative declaration declared (Neg/Dec used when the Gov doesn't have time, will or money for an environmental impact report...funny that they don't use it to benefit the public, just themselves...funny that they can't use the numerous EIRs that already have been done).  There has been plenty of time, the USFS simply hasn't used it wisely or for what is best for the economy or public.  Hello????  

My intent on this website was never to make money doing so in the first place.  So the local blackball doesn't affect me what so ever.  They are missing out on our thousands of viewers which could easily benefit their businesses greatly.   I wanted to give people traveling here a fishing report that they could actually catch fish by (not 2-3 weeks old and basic BS) and teach them how to use what they have to achieve the results so they would come back.  If I did well, then Lassen County businesses would benefit.  Then, I ran across the dirty little pollutions and water secrets I didn't go looking for but had to do something about regardless of what some people said.  I was warned about the results, but since I never planned on making money in the first place, I had nothing to lose.  Taking out several top polluters & top dogs at USFS to protect the lake and groundwater was worth everything.  But there always seems to be more waiting in line.  But it showed me who the bad people were and who the good people were.  To me, it was worth it for the sake of the lake which is where MY heart lies & those who threaten the lake and our trout are my enemies and will be treated as such.   Lassen businesses only benefit from what I do for fun.  I had nothing to lose and I still have nothing to lose which is why I can tell it like it is. 
Eagle Lake Guardians are now donating to Pine Creek Restoration projects to help prevent an endangered or threatened species listing of our trout.  You can help by going to Eagle Lake Guardians and making a donation.  The faster it is funded, the faster we can get the job at hand done.  I also believe that CDFW's 27% off the top of any donations to the state Fish and Wildlife is too much of the public's money for administrative costs.  Perhaps that's why they are in bed with other nonprofits.  Had Eagle Lake Guardians donated their $17,500 to CDFW the state would have taken $4725.00 for absolutely nothing.  CDFW biologists are dragging their feet the best they can!
No officer or board member takes a salary or any payments from Eagle Lake Guardians. 
We volunteer so the lake and trout can receive 100% of your donations.  
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