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The lake is as high as it's going to get this year, short of a miracle.  The current low water ramp probably won't make it thru the season and I'm told I'm wishful thinking that it gets us thru to the Fourth of July.  At this point, we're about where we were last fall.  We have only received 5.12" of moisture since October of 2013...& not all of that ended up in the lake.  But she did come up a few inches from the back to back storms.   That water has since evaporated & we're back to losing water to evaporation again. But, we will launch as long as we can and will have to make do with what we have & hope LNF doesn't close it down entirely once our trailer wheels begin rolling over the gravel.  Last season there were some rocks at the end of the cement that were too large to move out of the way but staying close to the courtesy dock avoided the worst of them.  As the water begins to evaporate at 1/2 to 1 inch per week, it will be interesting to see how much water we lose before opening weekend but I think we should be okay  for a while.  We'll just have to see where we start before we can figure out where we will end.  It isn't going to be ideal launching no matter what.  We will consider ourselves lucky as long as we can get on the water.  Last opening weekend, LNF had people stationed at the ramp and along the line that forms.  The wait in line to launch was only around 20 minutes which was short considering it is essencially a single lane ramp that has to serve everyone.   They kept the line moving & everyone got launched.  Tempers can flair when a boat has problems at the dock and the line stops moving until that boat can be removed or trailered.  Just stay calm, getting mad won't make the line move any faster.
Plans for a new low water ramp (LNF) in the distant future wont be in time for this coming fishing season...or even possible next season.  If and when we see any ground breaking, we will let you know but as we know, the government doesn't work fast.  Until then, the existing low water ramp will have to serve all. 
We were still launching fine at the end of the 2013 season, despite some boulders and a gravel high spot caused by people gunning up their motors driving boats up their trailers.  In other lakes/reservoirs you have plenty of pavement behind you and don't cause damage with the severe turbulance from props and especially jet pumps.  However, at Eagle Lake, mother nature is rarely a few feet behind.  Just know that when you do that, everyone is watching and know that you, in particular are not helping.  It's not puttin' onto the trailer using a motor, it's gunning the engine to drive it up without cranking it.  It's about being lazy, not cool and is our number one request for our visitors NOT to do.  However it is not a law, but we, as anglers can help extend the launching by thinking first.  So, the more folks that do that, the higher the "humps" get.  Similar to what happened in Spalding which assisted in filling up the 2010 dredged channel to the lake with silt and sand.
We need 2 feet of water before boats can launch in Spalding.  This winter didn't provide enough water to consider launching anything in Spalding, Rocky Pt or Stones Landing.  The low water ramp at Eagle Lake Marina is the only ramp that will be able to launch boats & that might not last the season. 
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