Ramp Conditions 5-28-15
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South Shore Grill is open again this season!  Great burgers, breakfast burrito's & a new chicken wrap!! Yum!! The South Shore Grill is the only place to eat at the lake again this year.  We are so lucky to have such good food come from that little red wagon!!
The ramp is still working for most all boats.  The lake elevation has held with the recent rains helping out. 
Just ease your boat down into the water & over the end of the last cement panel. and walk your boat down the dock to the end before dropping your motor & warming up.  The beginning of the drop off isn't too far & the 5 mph buoys are in nearly 30ft of water. 
I am hoping to get through the 4th of July & hope that we have something else to use for fall.  The shoal varies but mostly 20-24 inches deep & begins about half way down the dock.   I measured 44" off the end of the dock, but a slight rise just to the east of the launch lane before deepening up.  Boat traffic and wave/wind action can change things.  It shallows right up towards the jetty from the dock.   Don't power load or off load your boat right now.  The water shallows up before it gets deeper.
I do not recommend I/O units at all but I'm sure we will see some early in the season.  Jet boats will probably be ok for a little while.  But I expect that our 19-21 ft boats are going to run out of water sooner than later....it will depend on the wave action & mostly about the height of the shoal & how fast it builds.  Right now, we can get in ok.  Any boat will have to be a shallow launcher off the trailer.  It won't take long before there will be a step off the end of the cement which will help getting the boat to float but eventually could damage a trailer...just ease it down & over.  The marina folks try to keep it maintained so it doesn't cause any damage.      

We will begin losing about 1" of water per week from evaporation.  A thunder storm can buy us back a week here and there.  But at 2ft of water at the base of the cement is barely going to get my 19ft boat off the trailer but as long as I can float, I can launch....but I fear my time will run out long before the fishing season is over.  Already have small boat, float tube & kayak for later in the season.
Without a solid committment from Lassen National Forest for a new low water ramp, we are going to be in a world of hurt for launching our Eagle Lake Boats (bigger and built for the heavy winds) late this summer and fall no mater how much maintenance is done....there is only so much that can be done at the current location.  We hope to see some serious work beginning soon if anything will be done for fall.  We certainly hope that USFS comes thru so the local economy isn't more severily impacted.  If a new ramp is installed, it won't be protected, it will be bare-bones but should get us in the water.  AND, since Murphy's Law seems to always apply up here.  Just when we have a low water ramp & then a lower water ramp, the lake will come up! Think positively.  Coming in after the wind comes up is going to be where the trouble is with the current ramp.  With small waves of 1 to 2 ft we may end up grounding out before the next wave lifts the boat back up.  North winds are going to be the most challenging.  Motors up means less steering control and for every 1 ft up, we will see a 1 ft down.   In 2 to 3 ft of water folks, that leaves us 1 to 2 ft of water in a moderate wind.  Heavy winds will be tough.  I expect that will be our major problem...just don't drift too close to the rock jetty.  Boulders close to the surface dot the area between the ramp and the jetty.  HIGHLY RECOMMEND A BOAT HOOK TO GRAB THE CLEATS OF THE COURTESY DOCKWe are all only going to get one chance at landing safely at the dock depending on heavy wind from any direction. 
My intent on this website was never to make money doing so in the first place.  I wanted to give people traveling here a fishing report that they could actually catch fish by (not 2-3 weeks old) and teach them how to use what they have to achieve the results so they would come back.  If I did well, then Lassen County businesses would benefit.  Then, I ran across the dirty little pollutions and water secrets I didn't go looking for but had to do something about regardless of what some people said.  I was warned about the results, but since I never planned on making money I had nothing to lose.  Lassen businesses only benefit from what I do for fun.  I had nothing to lose and I still have nothing to lose which is why I can say what I see.  So without information or guarantee they can launch all boats safely this summer and fall, they will make other plans elsewhere. 
Personally, I will still be able to fish this lake in my tube or yak along with others that enjoy that sport....oh yeah, that access has been being decreased as well and is in some places several hundred feet up from where it has always been posted.  I assume it is another way for Lassen National Forest to let you know, they really don't want you to use public land that has always provided access between Christie and Wildcat. 

Eagle Lake Guardians are now donating to Pine Creek Restoration projects to help prevent an endangered or threatened species listing of our trout.  You can help by going to Eagle Lake Guardians and making a donation.  The faster it is funded, the faster we can get the job at hand done.  
No officer or board member takes a salary or any payments from Eagle Lake Guardians. 
We volunteer so the lake and trout can receive 100% of your donations.  
10-12-14: Lake Elevation at 5092.035 on Sept 16 from 5092.18 on 9-5-14.  
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