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My buddy said he is basically out of water to float his jetboat off the trailer.  The 18-22ft boats all have the same problem.  Small boats are doing ok.  We are predicted have cold temperatures  with high temps in the 20's, low temps could drop to single digits or lower if skies briefly clear overnight through Sunday and a chance for a few inches of snow  Tuesday.  The snow wont melt off as quickly while the cold temperatures are around.   So expect the ramp & road down to be icy.  Being gravel to begin with helps but the first trailer draining water from launching will ice things up for a few days and one might need chains even though the depth of snow expected is only around 5 inches....the cold temps have no mercy on anything...including outboard motor blocks, water pumps and tubing.  Towing a recently wet motor on a boat doing 25 mph is is cold enough to instantly freeze any moisture....towing at 55mph in temps below 20F has cracked blocks of outboard motors that were recently used and drained.  Consider that motor is subjected to temps well below ZERO when towed...possibly even as low as 30-40F below zero with wind chill factored in.   The Pyramid boys use insulated motor blankets when towing in cold temps.  Anything is better than nothing wrapping an outboard motor when temps plummet.   
Note that if your trailer bunks are carpeted and you launch one day, chances are your boat will be frozen to the bunks when launching the next day.  Aluminum boats are notorious for that when temps drop.  As we head into winter and colder temperatures, ice from traveling the roads can do the same thing.  The boat will probably easily float the trailer & you won't know it until it begins to drift to one side or the other.  It doesn't take long to thaw off the bunks so be patient.  If you don't have 4X4 and have your rear tires off the end of the cement....you're stuck & no one else will be able to launch without someone towing you out.   It's also a good way to tear up your 4X4.  Don't expect any sympathy from anyone watching as a guy recently found out.  As a note of caution, between the ramp & Gallatin Road, repeated travel & launching several times a week has certainly taken a toll on my trailer. The end of the cement all season has taken a toll on my trailer tires so be sure your spare is in good condition.  I don't expect to see the dock pulled until December 1st, which is Tuesday of next week.  Once it's pulled, boats will have to paddle out beyond the shallow shoal.  Pulling up on the gravel bar?  Have hip boots or waders & only small boats are going to make it in the water in December.  I don't advise prop drives to power load or drive over the shoal.  Last year LNF left a cable and two metal stakes driven into the ground after removing the dock.  The first boat coming in caught the cable and caused damage to his lower unit.  The metal stakes remained in the water until spring but the cable was tightly wound around the guys prop after shearing off the trolling plate.   Photos remain in the 2014 ramp album.  
 IF WE DON'T GET WATER THIS WINTER, WE PROBABLY WON'T BE LAUNCHING LONG NEXT SEASON.  Until we actually see some rain/snow falling in the amounts needed to get a few feet of water in the lake, El Nino hitting us remains propaganda.
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Gallatin Road to the Marina has caused more damage to boats & trailers than anything else up here.  Slow down in the straightaway from the last left bend in the road Gallatin after Eagle Campground and to the intersection to Camp Ronald McD.  There are bumps in the road you can't see & if you hit them at the 35mph speed limit, things are going to happen & they won't be good!! These are on both sides of the road.  I am now basically going 15mph over them & still have trailer damage from that and the previously unsealed cracks in the road from Spalding.  Friends have lost trailers of hitches and motors off transoms.  Keep your boat secured to the trailer when towing to and from camp....not doing so could result in the boat being thrown off the trailer.
Lassen National Forest has no plans of repairs or maintaining the only launch ramp to serve Eagle Lake at this time.  Although you have all done well at calling in and THAT's getting attention so thank you all.   Minions are doing their best.   I seriously doubt I will be launching much longer and if nothing is done about the drop off the end of the cement, I refuse to intentionally cause damage to my trailer/boat just because that's what USFS wants....after all, that would keep local boat mechanics rolling in dough.  North winds will change everything. 

LET LASSEN NATIONAL FOREST KNOW HOW WELL THEY ARE DOING WHEN IT COMES TO LAUNCHING AT EAGLE LAKE.  WE NEED YOU.  530-257-4188.  Then call the headquarters and ask to speak with David Hayes, the supervisor at 530-257-2151 & let them all know what YOU think about it.  I don't think they have really gotten your message yet, but you are getting their attention.  Keep it up folks.  They seam to be somewhat deaf to the fact that the best of our fishing season is yet to come & we are going to need boats to access the fish since they may not come in close until very late in the season as they did last year.  Hopefully, they can take care of this locally but we are prepared to allow the public to inudate Washington DC USDA.  Pathetic lack of action or concern.

We are hoping to get a serious winter & if we don't, we will probably be screwed if something isn't actually in a contingency plan already.  One thing I have learned by living up here for 27 years, through one good El Nino & one predicted that barely grazed us, is that nothing about the weather is normal.  I will believe it if I see it.  Until then it's just propaganda. I am always prepared after the last big on in 92/93.  We met that one with only a couple of snow shovels & 4 chains for the 4x4.  So over the last number of years we have acquired just about every piece of equipment we need to meet another and haven't had to use it.  As much as I want to say we will get lots of water this year, even 5ft won't pull us out of the drought or make Spalding or Stones Landing ramps usable, but it would go far for launching at the current single lane low water ramp.  If anything has killed business up here, the single lane and long wait times on weekends and holidays have kept some folks away.  But it's good to see that we have a good "die hard" population of visitors....and by the way, over the last 5 years, we have picked up less litter along the shorelines so you guys are all doing great in that respect too!! 

Eagle Lake Guardians are now donating to Pine Creek Restoration projects to help prevent an endangered or threatened species listing of our trout.  You can help by going to Eagle Lake Guardians and making a donation.  The faster it is funded, the faster we can get the job at hand done.  I also believe that CDFW's 27% off the top of any donations to the state Fish and Wildlife is too much of the public's money for administrative costs.  Perhaps that's why they are in bed with other nonprofits.  Had Eagle Lake Guardians donated their $17,500 to CDFW the state would have taken $4725.00 for absolutely nothing.  CDFW biologists are dragging their feet the best they can!

No officer or board member takes a salary or any payments from Eagle Lake Guardians. 
We volunteer so the lake and trout can receive 100% of your donations.  
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