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Fishing season is closed until May 24 Memorial Day Weekend 2014.  The predictions for the upcoming fishing season will begin in again in mid April. Pine Creek did not flow this year as none of the other tributaries did either.
Our detailed lake conditions and ramp conditions will begin being updated soon.  I will start a small photo album for ramps but it's only going to be about one ramp.  The low water ramp at Gallatin is the only ramp serving the anglers.
We have only received 4.69” of moisture since October 1, 2013. So every drop we see is a bonus from here on out.  The lake has come up with the local moisture but it's warming up & evaporation will become our enemy.  At least we bought a few weeks back.  We should be fine for opening weekend and remember to bring your patience for launching at the single lane ramp. 
The Heritage Eagle Lake trout remains under determination by USFWS as an Endangered or Threatened Species. The November 5, 2013 due date has been extended until September 2014 to allow for Pine Creek Restoration Project proposals (Lassen National Forest) and actions to be accepted, authorized and under way. Without water, it isn’t hard to figure out what direction the facts lead to in the determination. However, it may also buy more time.
As the season begins, the lake remains about 14ft lower than her prime. With dwindling habitat, changes are occurring.   Last season the trout were significantly smaller than we are used to. Oh, there were a handful of 3 to 4 ½ pound fish caught, but most were about 1 ½ to a good fish being around 2-2 ½ lbs. Fall/winter fishing was awesome once the fish moved in & in the right pod of fish 3 out of every 12 caught and released were 3 to 4 lbs with an occasional 4 1/2lb…but it took a lot of catching in order to find the right fish, let alone 2. This trend won’t change (and may even go down) until the lake comes back but we should see a few of those 1 ½ to 2 ½ pounders grow up a little. Our winter run trout were fat and sassy & our spring run were heavy bodied in late December so there is plenty of food to keep the trout happy over winter.  But when it comes to getting the higher water back, THAT will take back to back El Nino storm years which doesn’t appear to be coming in the near future. 
The northern basins are too shallow for most boats to traverse without dragging or stirring up the heavily silted bottom and releasing a lot of trapped methane (the massive bubbles coming up from simply your craft displacement on the water). Both come with lake area killing capabilities under the right conditions. Despite 4 ft of water at the deepest in Troxel Bay, that will be down to about 1 - 2 ft deep by mid to late 2014 season. With 2 to 2.7 ft of water between Rocky Pt and Spalding, we should be able to walk to Rocky Pt from Spalding later this season 2014.  With all the tulies out of the water last year there were absolutely zero nested Western or Clarkes grebes. Numbers plummeted from around 22,000 grebes in good water years to about 2300 in 2013. So many things are affected by the low water levels at Eagle Lake. 
With dropping water levels, more shallow rock piles and shoals are showing up. What used to be 12 and 14 ft deep are now, out of the water. Authorities can’t possibly mark all the new dangerous rock piles and are only required to mark any man made hazards which includes Miners Pt (dredger tailings from building Bly Tunnel, more tailings can be seen on Agate Beach…where Black Mt meets the water.
USFS QUAD MAPS OF OPEN ROADS AROUND THE EAGLE LAKE AREA:   Note a new Smartphone app for USFS maps is out. 
The links below go to maps saved from Lassen National Forest website.  Any questions you have should be directed to Eagle Lake Ranger Station staff. I am only providing them for quick access for our viewers. More information on road closures in the Forest is available on their website. There are new maps coming out for road closure, multi-vehicle use roads etc. We will replace those for you next season. Until then, you can find them on Lassen National Forest website.  I saved them to my iphone and can use them anywhere, anytime, with or without cell signal.
See Lake Conditions for water temps
See Ramp Conditions for launch ramp info.
See Tips and Tricks  for ideas & set ups dialed in for fishing Eagle Lake. Most methods are covered. We make no claims of knowing everything about Eagle Lake, but we do know a lot about catching Eagle Lake trout in

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